Empathy, Procreate and the Magnolia Meter Project ~ Empatía, ProCreate y el proyecto Magnolia Meter

My first Magnolia Meter video (2nd version) where I talk about empathy as depicted by the character, Donnie Smith in the film, Magnolia, as well as empathy in a wider context. I also talk about my creative process, coming up with ideas, ProCreate vs Photoshop, the iPad vs the Wacom ~  Mi primer video (2nd […]

Jim Kurring

Remember at the end of Magnolia when Jim is talking to Claudia but you can´t make out his words and you´re wondering, What´s he saying?!!! What´s he saying?!!! Well, here´s what he says – “I can’t let this go. I can’t let you go. Now, you… you listen to me now. You’re a good person. […]

Good morning!

Winston de Hoot, a character I designed and animated in a series of emojis for Coco and Instanza.

Former Quiz Kid Donnie Smith illustration and the Magnolia Meter project

The goal: 1. Illustrate each of the main characters in Magnolia in new ways that challenge and stretch my abilities. 2. Rate each of the characters on a 1 to 10 scale according to how empathetic they were in the film. 3. Use the Magnolia Meter to rate various politicians to just put it out […]

Werble ❤️❤️❤️

I have recently discovered the Werble app 😁✌🏽—-

The Wunderkind

After months of working on mostly line art, I am feeling the need to experiment, to stretch, to be less literal and more experimental. And Magnolia being one of my all time favorite films, I hope (time allowing) to illustrate each of the major characters, experimenting with something new with each one. I also hope […]

Tómouse Book Trailer/Trailer de libro

  En español

The Little Mermaid Coloring Page/Poster


Remember The Ladies Mini Coloring Book Volume One

Now available on Etsy 😁✌🏽 https://www.etsy.com/listing/572517927/remember-the-ladies-mini-coloring-book?ref=pr_shop

Tómouse Mini Coloring Book

A mini, seven page coloring book based on my full length coloring story book, Tómouse, soon to be released on Amazon ✌️A lot of work has gone into this, a lot of late nights. And I am so excited (and relieved) to be able to show with you all the fruits of my labor https://www.etsy.com/listing/571822359/tomouse-mini-coloring-book?ref=shop_home_active_1